Pollution-free solar power pumps billions of dollars into the country’s economy every year. In 2021, the solar industry generated $33 billion of private investment in the American economy. The Fulton County Solar Project will bring a long-term economic boost to Gorham Township and Fulton County by creating new family wage jobs and providing long-term tax revenue, which could total over tens of millions of dollars over the next few decades. Further, the Fulton County Solar Project will generate enough clean energy to power more than 45,000 homes in Ohio annually.

Please join the growing number of people who support this project by signing a petition that will be submitted to key decision makers involved in the approval of the Fulton County Solar Project. Signing the petition is simple and quick! Just enter your information below to show that you are in support of the economic and environmental benefits that the Fulton County Solar Project will provide to Gorham Township and Fulton County.

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